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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

A Day of Lasts

  • The last time I will wake up at Urs and Angela’s house in Brooklyn with only half an idea of where I am.
  • The last time I will walk up through the dirt, homeless, vendors, and chaotic street madness that is Atlantic Avenue and 4th.
  • The last time I will ride the D train in summer heat, trying to use the force of sheer will to prevent sweat from running into my eyes.
  • The last time I eat a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from the sometimes sketchy but always delicious Liberty Bagel at 31st street and 6th avenue.
  • The last time I ride the PATH train into the ass-end of Hoboken, NJ, where I spend my last day in a non-descript office building surrounded by warehouses, leather wholesalers, and furriers.
  • The last time I eat a dirty water hot dog from the cart down the street, and the last time I hear the proprietor swear to me that Bruce Springsteen eats his hot dogs there, too.
  • The last time I enjoy a beer on a hot stoop in Brooklyn.

Today has been a day of lasts. Tommorow begins a day of firsts.

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  1. We are both happy and sad. Happy for you and sad for us. We will miss you, Malcolm and Jillian, and think of you often. Take care and may God always be with you!

  2. Hi Malcolm and Jillian,

    I’ve only recently begun to follow your blog, when Millie came into your lives, but I want to say hooray for you in your adventure! It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. I did the same when I was your age (lived in Costa Rica for a year) and never, ever regretted it.

    The first line to Billy Joel’s song “Innocent Man” begins with: “Some people stay far away from the door, if there’s a chance of it opening up.” I guess it’s something akin to nothing ventured, nothing gained, but lots more poetic. It’s a good way to live, if one can handle it. And I’m thinking you can.

    Anyway, buen viaje, amigos. Hope you’ll blog your way to Merida is it? And then some.


  3. Are you still looking for a home for Millie? Please let me know, I might be able to arrange something.

    K in Jersey City

  4. Whoops, strike that. Glad to hear she has a place.

  5. Bon voyage & happy trails my darling cousins! We’ll be seeing you soon – send lots of pictures!! 🙂

  6. Thanks everyone. 🙂 And yes, we will end up in Merida, but not until mid-August. And you had better believe we’ll keep documenting our day-to-day right here in this space.

    Today, we are in an Orlando hotel. And yes, we’re going to Disneyworld. 🙂

    I have video from our train trip that I am editing together…I should have it up later tonight.

  7. I wish you’d post something already.

  8. I would like to take Millie. I am in NH, and live alone in a spacious, quiet apartment with two gentle, elderly tuxedos, Gizzy and Jasmine. I emailed you at your ultramalcolm addres. I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. My apologies for the lack of post…I am waiting for my video editing software to arrive via US mail. 🙂

  10. I hope this lack of contact is not going to be a precursor for how things will be when you live in Mexico.

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