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Today, Among Other Things

Is my dad’s birthday. Let’s all pause and wish him well in our minds and hearts… I hope this is a better one for you, Dude. Godspeed.

We’ve been sleeping late in Alligator Point. We have hot coffee on the deck that faces the ocean across the street. sometimes toast. This is a Wild beach. I’ve seen ghost crabs; they eat just-hatched turtles and they’re hateful, though not so hateful as what the locals call ” sea pork” which I promise to photograph; until then you can all conjure a pretty accurate image if you close your eyes and ruminate on the very term: “sea pork”. They are amorphous, globby, opaque and ubiquitous in the murky waters of the Forgotten Coast. The ocean here is not inviting. But there are lovely small birds – sandpipers maybe – as well as pelicans, more on fauna uin later installments. I’ve walked for miles and not seen another person. It is awesome and primeval and strange. You can imagine an apatosaurus silhouette peeking through the tropical/desiduous brush.

It’s odd to think we were in New York last weekend. We ate bad gruyere croissants at Port Authority and went to the Time Square Dave and Busters amusement center and played ski ball and an awesome zombie shooting game. [aside – I fucking love to shoot zombies. ] Maine the one before. And Massachusetts the previous weekend. In two weeks we will be en route to Merida, land of cenotes and haciendas. two weeks from my dad’s birthday we fly.

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