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Sabado Gigante: We Nail Down an Apartment

Big day today. After sleeping in (again), we head to the hotel’s restaurant for a little of their breakfast buffet. Jillian chose to start her day with lighter fare…an assortment of juices and fresh fruit, which I am sure she will mention because she loved them so much. I went hard at the buffet…American coffee, some beans, a mash of tortilla chips, and pork in a tomato sauce, a Yucatecan specialty. This is breakfast I can get behind, though nothing was as good as the bollas de queso, a kind of flaky ball dusted with granulated sugar with sweet cheese inside. New favorite breakfast, meet Malcolm. Malcolm, meet breakfast, I know you’ll get along great.


So today’s plan was loosely formed, at best. We had tentative plans to meet with a realtor, but I couldn’t get my in-room phone to work and my cell phone is still acting peculiar. It seems I can receive calls on it, just not place them. Who knows. Anywho, we also wanted to check out this kind of long-term residential hotel I had read about before. One of the strangest things so far is actually GOING to all of these places I have researched online, seeing them in person instead of in pictures.


So, after a quick stop at OXXO, our favorite place to buy our morning bottle of water, we were off. We wanted to also pop in what we believed was a mall, but only said “SUBURBIA” on the side in giant letters. This turned out to be two shops. A small local clothing department store, and a Wal-Mart. We dove in, of course, and were just tickled. For one, it is amazing to see something so familiar from home just SLIGHTLY tweaked into something else altogether. Second, it is nice to know that we will be able to obtain pretty much any of the comforts of home pretty easily.

But there was no time to shop, as we wanted to pop in to the Suites del Sol, the long term rental place. Somewhere in between an apartment and a hotel, this place looks to be exactly what we need right now. Our new landlord, Thelame, speaks very good working English, and seemed surprised when we explained we were looking to relocate. “Lots of Americans are coming here,” she said, “but none as young as you. Most are looking to have their money go farther in their retirement.” I explained that we were looking for the same, only while we were still working, and we shared a nice laugh. The first apartment she showed us was fine, but not wildly desirable. Ground floor, weird kitchen, etc. The second floor apartment she showed us was definitely better, though certainly still not luxurious. But I think this is what we need, at about the right time we need it. We can’t have the Hyatt holding our hands anymore. We need to get out there, buy groceries, and cook. Further, I need to be able to work on Tuesday. And the price was unbeatable…about $640 a month US, including gas, water, internet, and cable television. Electricity is additional, as well as some other services we will definitely be taking advantage of. $7 a week for cleaning service, $2/day for five gallons of bottled water, etc.

Jillian, outside the Hyatt.

After a quick consultation, Jillian and I decided to go for it. We paid the first month’s rent, and then walked back to the hotel, looking at our new neighborhood with new eyes. It is only about five blocks away from our old hotel, where we will be spending our final night this evening. So we decided, hell, we got a lot done today. Might as well kick back for the rest of the day in luxury. Margaritas by the pool, a little lounging, and we’re done for the day.

Swimming, kind of.

Tomorrow is moving day, and I think we may also take a guided city tour. I know, I know, tour buses are for losers, but it WOULD be a good way to get kind of acquainted with the whole city at once. After that, it should be time to make an outing to the store for the provisions I need for the week. Namely, bacon and bread. Tomorrow is going to smack us around psychologically. We won’t be tourists anymore, that’s for sure. Of course, our visas still say so, and there may be some hiccups there…but Jillian has made me promise not to worry about it for now. For now, just know that you can move to Mexico and find a permanent place to live within two days. If you want.

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  1. Did I say September? How about the end of August? Great going, guys! Send pics of the apt. love you.

  2. Yay!!! You made it alive and well, and you are thriving. And already found a place to live???

    So so impressive!!!

    Can’t wait for more updates, and of course more pictures.

  3. Hey guys. Sorry to do this as a comment, but I’m too developmentally disabled to find your email addresses here. Glad to read that you’re living the dream/fantasy. I’ve finally escaped TGI for much much better stuff. Now I need a good web guy…someone faster, better, smarter and cheaper than the firms. Maybe you can give me a name/number?


  4. Wow! Congrats on landing a place so quickly. I’m realizing more and more that this international thing isn’t as difficult as we allow ourselves to believe. BTW, are you just using your US mobile carrier with international fees, or switched over to a Mexican carrier/SIM card?

  5. Hi Guys…Glad you’re living the dream/fantasy! Sorry to post this here, but I’m too developmentally delayed to figure out your email addresses. I’ve finally sprung myself from TGI and into a cool new job in Boston. Now I need a web designer who’s better, faster, and cheaper than the firms. Someone almost as cool Malcolm. Any names/contacts would be much appreciated.

  6. Switch SIM cards Urs. Other countries on this planet are not retarded about cell phones the way the US is.

    And also, awesome. Keep blazing the trail for us followers.

  7. Just beautiful, you guys. I’m loving the pics and the daily entries!

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