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Achievements Minor and Major

notes and photos from 09.04.06

observations while sitting in movie theater square
…sweet tomato sauce mixed with brown filter cigarette smell on the sunny end of a shady bench. Everyone is staring. because I´m ugly, gorgeous, conspicuous, paranoid? Am I paranoid because they are staring? They are, aren´t they. The sky is a blue I cannot describe – like a Technicolor screen refracting some as yet unseen ocean. The people a red-hued brown, like molasses spread over red velvet. Girls in giggle fits, arms linked, a limping beggar I deny change for no reason I can think of, the others desert me for their bus(ses?). I am outside the porous bulwark of language. I must get up from this flaneur´s bench and find the mercado and buy fruits. ¿Donde puedo comprar frutas? is that right? don´t know. must go. vamanos.

I have done it! The first person ever to buy rosemary (romero!) from a (beautiful) old Mayan in a market. I totally dominate. She wraps it in newspaper, along with another bunch of herbs, maybe basil/maybe mint, who can know. Everyone is obviously looking at me because I am the coolest gringa in Merida history. I also buy the best damn pineapple I have ever tasted. I carry it through the streets in its pink, plastic bag. I am a Visigoth; I am Vlad the Impaler. It is such a completely pleasing experience. Maybe the one one´s most anticipated. shit. I forget to haggle. I impishly smile down each narrow aisle. Parrots in wooden cages, shiny melon flesh in cellophane, onions, unknowns, spices. Surprise: the floor is covered in cigarette butts and the whole place smells like chicken guts!


One year ago tonight, in the lovely lobby of the Algonquin Hotel, Malcolm asked me and I said ¨yes¨. I also cried and drank too much champagne. We are going to be married. It took a while for that to seem correct. Are we grown ups enough? Is this a totally bizarre thing to do, this marriage. What a gand year. I adore being engaged to this man.

(Mariachi is a variation of the French word “mariage” – meaning wedding or marriage.)

And now I can see it all so clearly , this marriage, this wedding. And I think it will all be gorgeous. And while the proposal was a totally enchanting and romantic fulllfilment of our first week´s promise to meet five years hence, the daily fullfillment of the covenant we made one year ago is so much more real, so much more right. To our future…

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  1. Happy year to you both!! Can’t wait to celebrate the nuptuals with you when the time comes.

    P.S. try “Regatear” (I think that’s right)

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