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We Put an Offer on a House

Another big day in Mexico, as we officially put an offer in on a house. We have mentioned it before…it is the place in San Crisanto, on a beautiful beach, surrounded by nothing but banana plantations and, down the road a piece in Telchac, a few roadside food stands and a shabby internet cafe. San Crisanto is about 20 minutes from Progreso, where we will go for our grocery shopping, and about 45 minutes from Merida, where we are now.

Back-left corner, carport.

I am giddy. Three weeks ago, we were sitting in my parents’ house in Florida, unsure of how successful, if at all, this whole thing was going to be. Inside of three weeks, we not only fell in love with the country, but then rented a place to live, sorted out our immigration problems, and now, boom, are buying a house. It carries with it not just the satisfaction of seeing a year’s worth of planning actually work, but also the thrilling prospect of being homeowners for the first time. Tear down that wall! Build that deck! Get rid of these appliances! It is exciting as all hell anywhere you do it…getting to do it in the tropics at 28 is even more exciting.

View from front deck.

So, here’s a first look. I will probably be extending the deck, adding a pool parallel to the beach, and possibly a second story. And of course, there is a TON of work to be done on the interior. Not to mention the amount of nonsense that has to happen between making an offer and getting the title…but we are basically offering the asking price, so it looks like all systems are go. More news as things develop. Wish us luck!

Overall view, as seen from beach.

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  1. That is so huge. Congratulations it looks like paradise.

  2. Dibs!

  3. Holy crap! That is awesome. Take more interior pictures.

  4. Good luck! We don’t know each other, but my husband and I will be going down to this area to buy a retirement/rental income/vaction home in November! While we are older than you two (40s), I have been reading your blog for the past 2 weeks with interest. We are thinking of Chelem/Chicxulub, and you are the first people to ever post a pic of what Chelem actually looks like. If you would not mind a couple of questions from me, I would love to get your views…
    Hope you get your lovely house!
    ;-) Louise

  5. Louise, you’ve got mail. :)

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you! Funny thing: my husband and myself are also looking for a property along the coast and I saw your little house on a real estate site last week. I showed it to Scott and we both agreed that it was lovely, but unfortunately somebody else (damn!) had been faster than us in snatching it (it is marked “under contract” on the site). Today, after finding your blog through Yucatan Living, I find out that you bought it! It is so funny! We have a few questions for you regarding what you saw while house hunting. Can you contact us, please?
    Thank you! Keep up the good word, you are true adventurers, we admire that!

    P.S.Malcolm likes “La Maudite”. Is it the beer from Quebec? I am French-Canadian, from Montreal…

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