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No Contractions

I cannot operate this damn Mexican keyboard with as much facility as I do an American one (and that certainly is not much), so you are just going to have to live without your beloved contractions. and nothing is possesive. it is practically a buddhist philosophy. a Boddisatva in a hammock sipping a Sloe gin Fizz. Again, MuY apoologies, I have been reading a Tom Robbins novel, and not a particulary good one, even if you like that sort of thing.

I can do this, though:

Te leo la novela.
┬┐Cuando me la lees?
Te la leo el domingo.

Go ahead, correct me. I dare you. I know there should be an accent on the a in Cuando but I simply cannot find it; nor can I find the quotation marks that I know are omitted earlier in this sentence. so fuck it. so be it.

I have had two Spanish lessons and I feel spiffy. Our little class is held (and I mean little – just me and two old smoking broads, one of whom is the librarian and the other, my new friend, whose name I do not know but who gave me limonade and took me to her house in Centro though not in that order, and also reads tarot) on the patio beyond/behind the library. The teacher has a name and it is Raffi. Raffi gets it. I am an excellent student. God, I friggin love school. It has not made my transactions at the OXXO any less ridiculous, though. not yet.

It has been a wonderfully busy week. I am learning a new language. Malcolm has a rad new tee shirt site. We are planning a wedding. And I might venture a trip on a bus today or tomorrow, but probably tomorrow. I just found the apostrophe! All will be well. Well, I am, ahem – I’m – off to the library. on foot. for now.

please note: I’ll post some pictures later this evening when I’m home. after espagetti but before La Ley Y El Orden.

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  1. Learn spanish from Jack McCoy!

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