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33 days

I´d like to proffer the theory that thirty-three days in a foreign country is the exact incubation period for a tiny case of homesickness. If I am a little lonely for some familiar things, it is a sweet sadness, merely, a diversion from the heat, the incessant spanish-speaking, and the formidable task at hand. I always experience a little ennui in the autumn: memory mixing with desire, etc., for me happens sometime in September. And that´s another thing, so far there is no seasonal change. I am sweaty and wearing sandals, just as I have been since Memorial Day at the end of May. How does one make sense of the year? When do you buy new shoes? Will I ever have the pleasure of a knit scarf? I know there is a tropical cycle and a change in weather, but what to make of this sustained summer? Fall is the season in fabled New England, it reminds me to think of my favorite things. This is what I miss right now:

1. The chance of seeing someone you love in the neighborhood.
2. Breakfast with old friends. Cooking, really, any meal, all together.
3: My brother, the legend, my cat, Ed. His good, symmetrical face.
4. My bed. a bed that is mine. with a white down comforter.
5. Modern pizza and Blessings dumplings.
6. Wood burning stove smell, apple orchards, gourds and yellow leaves.
7. The beach at home, rocky, picturesque, my best friend, unextractable from it all.

so much more. but only in a delicious, Edith Piaf on a Sunday afternoon kind of way.

102 degress this Friday! I am hitting the pool at the Hyatt for sure!

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  1. You’re so right…there is nothing to mark the passage of time. It’s weird.

  2. And now I find out the premiere of the new season of ANTM is tonight. Awe man.

  3. Come back to New England in October or November for Friends’ Thanksgiving!! You can tell yourselved you’re coming to get Ed, and we can do some fall things!!! Do it. Then I’ll come visit in February!

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