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Celebrating One Year of Dropping In: Part Two

Phew. It’s official. Malcolm & Jillian’s Dropped In celebrates its one year blogiversary today. A lot of blogs don’t last this long, after the authors realize that no one is reading about their 13 year old lives. But not us. We push on with our imaginary audience, and it looks like it’s been working…we now have about 600 unique readers per day, from all over the world. Proof positive that if you fake it long enough, the audience appears. So much has changed in the last year. When we started, I had just come off a five year stint in NYC, and was reuniting with Jillian in our apartment in New Haven after a year spent commuting to each other’s houses on weekends. Jillian was teaching as a substitute in the Hamden public school system, and I was working by myself from our apartment. Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING has changed. But oh, the things that have!

As we spent this afternoon reading back through the archives, the changes we noticed were numerous. We started this blog to document the first year of our engagement, not to mention a collection of oddities from around the web, and the occasional political rant. It reflected our lives…somewhat aimless, with occasional bites of attempted humor. Now, it has turned into a full-fledged travel journal as we find our way in the day-to-day of living in Mexico, a change we are happy with. And while I know this is a little self indulgent, I wanted to give you a few fast facts about the blog as it turns one year old.

Jillian’s Best Entries from Year One (As Chosen by Malcolm):

Malcolm’s Best Entries from Year One (As Chosen by Jillian):

And now for some fast facts about the blog and the new design:

  • Number of unique readers per day: 550-650
  • Unique readers per month: About 14,000
  • Top search terms last month:
    1. Eazy E
    2. Whitney Houston
    3. Sexy Pirate
    4. Cocaine
    5. VH1
    6. Crackhead
    7. 3D Sidewalk Art
    8. Bill Cosby
    9. Jagermeister
    10. Happy Halloween
  • Google Pagerank: 4
  • Alexa Rank (Measure of overall most visited sites online): 700,709
  • Sister blogs launched over the last year: Geek it Yourself, BurnToday
  • Total incoming unique links: 2,177
  • Global reach: Unknown, because our stats program kinda sucks. If you are reading this blog outside of the USA, please drop a note in the comments box so we can see how far out this thing reaches.
  • Number of entries written: 339
  • Number of comments received: 791
  • Time spent on redesign: About 11 hours, including lots of false starts
  • Number of browsers that receive their own unique version of site: 2 (It looks best in FireFox, natch.)
  • New Official Name: (The difference between the old logo and domain name never made sense.)
  • Number of 80 cent cappuccinos consumed during redesign: 3
  • Number of beers consumed writing this entry: 2

We want to thank everyone who has been following along with our wanderings. Be sure to keep checking back every day…this year is bound to get even more interesting. See y’all real soon.

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  1. congratulations! keep blogging…

  2. Congrats on your first blogging year! May you consume many, many margaritas to celebrate. Your blog is both hilarious and very informative! Thank you also for posting the beach photos of Progreso…15 more days to go for us, and we can hardly wait! Now, if only the real estate faeries will oblige us :) My alternative email address is:

    I think that my BlackBerry works in Mexico (it did in Cabo 2 yrs ago)… we’ll be staying in downtown Progreso a block from the malecon, in case we all want to get together for a drink!

    Take Care! :-) Louise

  3. ¡Aniversario feliz! Your year of blogging has been fabulous to read, and look forward to upcoming entries! I’m Louise’s sister and hope we can raise a glass with you two when the three of us come down to Progresso in a few weeks! Cinco Margaritas en las rocas por favor!

  4. Of course, Lawrence sisters! Hit me up on email with your travel dates and where you are staying in Progreso…we have only stayed in one hotel there, and didn’t find that it lived up to our wildest dreams, so I am curious to hear what you’ve found.

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