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Cruise Bay and Night Life in The Caribbean

Ah, cruising. I took my first and only tropical ship trip when I was just a kid. I had my first drink (a Tom Collins), my first almost-kiss (he was 18, I was 14, so the almost is probably for the best), and my first third degree sunburn (just barely better than the one I have currently), in addition to eating my weight in delicious buffet offerings from morning until after midnight. Things have changed a bit in the last 15 years; cruises are more sophisticated and more luxurious than ever. And I do adore a Caribbean pirate. Follow this link:

Caribbean vacation

Warm Islands offers information on tropical destinations and major cruise lines. They have articles on ¨cruising basics¨ for the neophyte, including shipboard etiquette, attire, and exercise. This last bit is especially helpful, as everyone knows you can pack on a pound a day during your cruise ship vacation.

I investigated trips to various beaches all around the world, such as those of Isla Mujeres (for proximity), the Mediterranean (my great grandmother vacationed in Capri) Tahitian Islands (if they were good enough for Monsieur Gaugin) and Indonesia (because Bali is simply calling me). Their content is substantial enough to pique a reader’s interst, though further reading is definitely necessary.

Specialty cruises like a food and wine trip, a sail ship or a honeymoon cruise make this seem youthful and cool. I think after all this rugged adventure a cruise just might be the way to go for pampering and sightseeing.

I also love that they´ve included drink recipes: Dark and Stormies rule my universe. And incredible food recipes like Conch Fritters (that´s pronounced conk) and Bread Provencale (c’est tres yummy).

Revisiting the home page after a first viewing, I clicked through to the forums, and found that one can register for free receive all sorts of offers and extras. I should join and tell a community of strangers how I was once puked into the apple barrel on a Norwegian Cruise Line just after watching The Bodyguard during some fairly rough seas. Kevin, Whitney, I do not blame either of you.

Check out Warm Islands, but not before you Drop In on us!

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  1. you had an almost-kiss at 14 and the guy was 18? you little vixen. unless of course, this was malcolm’s post, then right-on!

  2. you were too young to remember, my dear…

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