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Malcolm & Jillian Interviewed on Yucatan Living

Yucatan LivingJillian: Hey Malc, What are you doing?
Malcolm: Reading our interview on Yucatan Living.
Jillian: That’s cool. I pretty much can’t get enough of us.
Malcolm: Word.

This is pretty cool stuff. We used to read Yucatan Living when we still lived in the States…particularly the interviews they run from time to time with other foreigners who are making their lives here. It was so exciting to read about real experiences from people with real viewpoints, and not just the results from typing “Merida” into a search engine. Then, Yucatan Living fed our imaginations, and now, we are honored by the chance to do the same for whoever may be thinking about making the leap. Go read our interview, and say “whattup” to the Working Gringos while you’re there.

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  1. Is Mexico mayonnaise free?!?!

  2. No Lauren, sorry to get your hopes up…Mex has mayo it is just disgusto, even, or I guess especially for people who like it elsewhere

  3. you can get real mayonnaise here (by that I mean Hellman’s) but you pretty much have to set foot in WalMart to get it. anything and everything else is, as Jillian so succinctly and bilingually puts it, disgusto!

  4. MegaBalcones has Hellman’s too.I’ve even found tiny jars in Donasusa. You just have to avoid the mayonaise with limon in it. I think the Kraft mayonaise is fine (not as good as Hellman’s) but you have to make sure it’s mayonesa not adrezo (salad dressing) and that it isn’t the kind with limon, cuz then it tastes like (yuck) Miracle Whip. I also agree that the canned tuna is awful, my friend says it tastes like cat food (I didn’t ask). But on a good note canned cochinta pipil isn’t bad and makes good burritos! Wonderbread has the best flour tortillas!!!

  5. hi guys. bienvenidos to merida. nice to see some other younger folks down here. we’re new yorkers who moved here. 41 and 35. enjoying tranquilo life and renovating colonials. wanna come over for a hola and a drink? live in santa ana.

    juan y mel

  6. Go england style and just butter the sandwich instead.

    pas mal.

  7. Hi Malcolm and Jillian,
    My husband Jake and I moved to Merida this May. We had been living in New Orleans. He works on the internet, too, and I am writing (a non fiction book, and I write for a magazine). Seems like we have lots in common. Oh, and my interview will soon be posted on….
    Hope to meet you two some day.
    Elayne and Jake–Loving Merida just as much as you do!

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