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Weekend Trip to X’Matkuil

Every November, people from all over the Yucatan gather in X’Matkuil for a month-long carnival of epic proportions. This isn’t just corn dogs and a ride on The Zipper. We’re talking a huge expanse of land, with barely cobbled together rides, food, crafts, massive shopping areas selling t-shirts and luchadore masks, a dolphin tank, a shark tank, an entire free circus, and more. It is a big event here, so we had to go check it out. We rented a car ($50 bucks cash, no questions asked) just to get there, as the town is about a half an hour away from Merida. It’s unclear what happens to all this land when the fair is NOT happening; it almost seems like it could turn into a functioning town, but we’re sure it doesn’t. So, needless to say, we have a ton of pictures. You can click each one for a larger version in a new window, because you really need the details on some of them:

We arrive rather early on a Monday, and meet a nearly-empty parking lot.

Giant indoor shopping space, with everything from local art to bins full of blue metal spoons.

The spider woman, right in front of an intricate roller coaster that must have arrived on a truck.

I can’t imagine what this ride does; I just know that I will never ride it.

Many of the attractions were brightly painted facades, inviting you to come in and look at animals with “deformidades genĂ©ticas.”

Miniature train ride. One of the concrete theme jesters fell over.

At the dolphin tank, a team of Mexican stunt divers dressed as clowns and did flippity-flips while loud music blared.

A diver makes the long climb.

Trained sea lions. Not just trained…but trained in Spanish.

Jillian and Mexican Elvis statuary.

The creepiest rendering of Marilyn Monroe ever seen.

See! The cat with two faces!

See! The baby with two heads! We chose not to, out of fear of actually seeing a baby with two heads.

…and that’s about it for now. The fair runs through the rest of November, and we are making tentative plans to return next weekend for souvenirs and presents. So, if you dug these, be sure to check back next week for the nighttime versions, where there will be more people, more food, and more blinky lights!

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  1. WOW! Kinda puts the Tallahassee Fair to shame…what’s a couple of greased pigs compared to all this? Funny that they’re going on at the same time…must be world wide Fair Fever…DO NOT get on that flingy looking thing! You’ll end up in Nebraska, with more farm animals with a variety of heads. love you, be safe.

  2. I’m intrigued. So many questions come to mind. Did you see the deformed animals? If so were you allowed to take pictures? Did you ride the spiderwoman rollercoaster?

    I enjoy the face you are making while touching creepy Marilyn’s thigh.

  3. I want a souvenir from the fair!

  4. Looks like fun! I’m intrigued by the idea of the blue metal spoons.

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