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Good Artists Copy

My BFF, so far away in Nueva Zealanda, has done a list like this on their blog and since I needed an idea that didn´t totally bite (stay tuned for ¨Cheetos Salad¨on my next un-inspired day) I pilfered hers. Plus, as you know, I love lists.

Jillian in Mexico´s Likes, Following Her Dislikes, So As To End On A Positive Note

Dislikes (stay focused!)

  • tuna fish. Pardon my redundancy. But this really can´t be overstated.

  • wood paneled living room furniture, ouch.
  • ham as a legitimized pizza topping
  • a bathmat made of felt
  • no fitted sheet
  • the phone bill (mea culpa)
  • The Sweetest Thing, starring Cameron Diaz, possibly the most low-brow, vulgar film ever made; It was, for more than a month the only movie on Universal Channel, one of maybe three English language stations here
  • the giant dancing pharmacist puppet who tries to make me dance with him. nightmarish.
  • not becoming alarmingly thin as I had sort of hoped I might (again, not so much Mexico´s fault)


  • Telehit. Unlike its Stateside counterpart, they actually play music videos. Remember those?

  • the sexy ¨conductores¨ of Telehit, Uriel and Amanda
  • pop songs. there are two right now, as far as we can tell. and they are hypnotic.
  • street lights built into the sidewalk
  • families enjoying their own company. joyful, genuine.
  • Sundays are for bicycles are brunch and dancing
  • watching TV in English but following along with the subtitles in Spanish
  • there is always a party, a parade, lights going up for a festival or holiday, something being celebrated
  • rocker teenagers in their Ramones shirts
  • samples at the grocery store every day, e.g., cake, cheese, & vodka
  • panela. a cheese unto itself. a happy new discovery. a little like mozzarella, feta, or even haloumi. The word ¨whey¨comes to mind whenever I eat it.
  • superior chicken. Maybe it isn´t all jammed up with antibiotics, I don´t know. Mentioning chicken makes me think of mole, and in particular mole verde. yum. There is so much to say. It may demand its own entry.
  • enormous (fake) Christmas tree being erected and decorated for the last month or more across from Gran Plaza
  • me. I like me in Mexico.
  • ubiquitous horse drawn carriages

I could go on. But I won´t. I have to go to the market, sample some wine, buy bread and cheese and hurry home to Malcolm, whom I also like very much in Mexico.

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