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“Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition”

Since we moved to Merida I have made myself useful in myriad ways. Various domestic tasks must be completed each day. I make sure Malcolm is fortified with bacon and processed cheese every morning. I check that he has washed behind his ears. I tidy up a bit and make the Suites del Sol feel a little like home. I also have important business to conduct in the world, my classes, Spanish and dance. So far the language lessons have proved a bit more useful, but I am counting on jazz to save the day at the last second. I pop in at the English Library and chat with Harriet and Roger. I visit museums and soak up the culture in the squares and streets. I take photos. I read and work on my writing. I go to the market and suss out any new and unusual items, e.g., Oscar Meyer bologna. And of course I am always winning, hilarious and adorable. Were we invited to a party I would no doubt be charming.

But I havenĀ“t yet found a way to earn any money with this skill set. I have not been the least bit profitable since we came to Mexico, leaving all the toiling and earning and whatnot to poor Malcolm. Until now.

Today I am among the working. Starting more or less yesterday I have been writing reviews of supplements which may or may not promote mental and emotional health. Today I ride for wellness once more.

And if we don’t update every day, please don’t feel neglected, kittens. We’re still here with tons of ideas to share, we just have a few other things going on. All will be revealed very soon now. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me looking weird and eating noodle soup:

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  1. Jilly – count me as very proud that you’re transitioning from pure support staff (cost center), to a hybrid with significant revenue generation potential.

    Enjoy the tender embrace of the man.

    Sellout Numero Uno.

  2. To clarify – I am sellout numero uno. I think you may be in the mil, or cien mil range.

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