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Obligatory New Year Summation

The last half of 2006 was all about some pretty dramatic changes for us. We remained happily engaged, found a feral, wounded kitten and in turn a small group of thoughtful, committed kitten lovers, watched as an apartment-full of our belongings was systematically sold and carried out the door, quit our college town again, and finally, one fine day in August, arrived in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico with a reservation for one night at the Hyatt, and a dream.

This is the year in which the dream – of owning our first home on the beach, getting married, and finding success in our personal projects – will be realized. And it begins this week. Sunday we move into a rental in Progreso, a tiny house across from the beach. Life there is going to be more unstructured than in the relative comfort of the Suites del Sol, but I think we’re ready for the adventure. And there, with household expenses cut in half and income increased by a third at least, we become Consumers with a Capitalist C again. The Great Reacquisition of furniture, appliances, linens, art, and vehicles shall commence. 2007 is the year furnishing a life we love.

There have been a few glitches and unexpected turns: a language barrier, a house we loved and lost, questions about visas, ejido and fideicomisos. But, so far, we are navigating these problems and learning a lot along the way.

We have also been afforded the time and money to travel back to the States, spend more time with family, hang out in Malibu, take a sleeper train down the East Coast, go to Disney World, Chichen Itza and see the Gulf of Mexico from two perspectives.

We are getting to know a beautiful city. It’s 75 degrees and sunny on January 2nd. We spent New Year’s Eve meeting Americans on vacation or studying here and enjoying a safe, festive but not debauched and chaotic night of drinking, eating, music, dancing, carriage rides, tradition, youth and good cheer. To wit, it was a night not so different, in terms of atmosphere, than any other here in festive, easygoing Merida.

Malcolm and I hung out together shared our wishes and resolutions and confided in our confidence and excitement for the year ahead. Phase III of the Drop In won’t be easy. It’s going to be busy, crazy, and possibly perilous. But also so much fun you won’t believe it.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Congratulations on your first New Year in Merida!

    Our excitement level is ratcheting up every day as we get closer to spring – when we put our house on the market and it gets even more real than it is right now.

    Thanks for all the effort that you put into your blog.

    I know Paul and I both relish living vicariously through you and a few others who have “gone before.”

    We’ll raise a glass to you and your move this Sunday.


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