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Continuing to Nail Down a Life in Mexico

Remember how I said last week we were going to get our momentum back? The last two days have proven just that. In the last two days, we have:

  1. Bought and activated a Mexican cell phone. This one was easy, although I have to say this is the first time I have ever purchased a somewhat major piece of electronics with absolutely no idea of its feature set. As it turns out, it has a camera! Huzzah! It’s no iPhone, but it’ll do.
  2. Hooked up telephone and high speed internet service at our rental house in Progreso. I am pleased to report that this was accomplished in only three trips to two different offices, and about five hours of our time. God bless you, TelMex. Your inefficiency is inspirational.
  3. We bought a car. Not a real car…a “for now” car. It is pictured above in a picture taken of our cellphone, which took a picture of the car, because we are so post-postmodern and edgy. It’s a sweetheart 1995 Volkswagon Jetta, complete with almost black stick-on tinted windows, a “performance” tailpipe that makes the car sound like an airplane at 10 KPH, and a super-sweet spoiler. The car is actually really solid and in great shape, we just have to decide whether we are going to de-Mexicanize it, or go full bore and lower it, give it new rims, and fill the back seat with subwoofers. I am also AT LEAST 85% sure the car is not even stolen, so that’s a good bonus. Next step? Getting it registered.

See! I told you! We’re back, baby! Next up: Buying a house and completing our move to the beach house. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sweet phone and car, you guys.

    Paul has a Jetta, too, but it’s a plain old USA one.

  2. All right! You guys are on top of your game again…now use the phone and call me!!!!!
    Love you.
    Your lonely Mom

  3. Cool car! Next time we do the VIP room, you guys can drive.

    Looking forward to seeing your new house after you get the flamingo on the lawn…

    Keep in touch!

  4. As a mother, I agree that you should call your mom, but don’t use the cell phone, it’s insanely expensive, like 10 pesos a minute! You are more techy than me so you probably know about skype etc for long distance. Congrats on getting back on track, it’s so easy to give up instead of forging ahead.


  5. Does the car play “La Cucaracha” when you honk the horn? Or do Mexican cars only do that in Brooklyn/ATL/Roxbury, MA?

  6. As far as I’m concerned – if it doesn’t bounce, it’s not a Mexican car.

    That, and it’s not lime green? Come on now.

  7. Yay! Send us your digits! Shoulda got a moped though.

  8. Hey man, I want to see some more pictures of the car! I’m especially curious about the ‘wing’. Throw a few more photos of the new ride up. Thanks and stay sexy.

  9. Love all your comments, postings and style.

    By the way I am your new Landlord Step Mother.

    Be well and continue your great attitudes!

  10. Thanks Candy!

    Keep reading, and we’ll keep writin’. :)

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