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Inserting Yolisto into the Public Consciousness

YucatanlivingSome of you may have noticed that we quietly snuck a little ad for Yolisto into the bottom-left corner of the page. We weren’t quite ready to talk about it, but the time has come.

Here’s the thing. The Yucatan needs a community classifieds website, similar to Craigslist. Ideally, it should be available in both English and Spanish. There have been some attempts at this. MeridaInsider, a fairly popular community forum, has a classifieds section that nobody uses. So we built a better one, and called it Yolisto: The English Language Marketplace.

Then, about a week before we were ready to launch, Craigslist announced they were launching a Yucatan section of their website. This was devastating news, but we talked ourselves off the ledge. The Yucatan section of Craigslist thus far seems to be limited to real estate listings for Cancun. We are in a far better position to break down categories by individual towns in the Yucatan, and after all…do you want to support a multi-million dollar San Francisco company, or the locally run alternative?

Getting the website rolling has been tough. We are much more accustomed to attracting a readership by providing content. On a site like Yolisto, the USERS generate the content…and if there’s none there, no one will add any. We have sent out a press release, and momentum is starting to build. There have been a few posts, which our users report have gotten them some good responses. We have a slick PDF for you to share with your friends. And today, our good friends over at Yucatan Living gave us a very nice little writeup.

So if you’re living in the Yucatan, and looking to connect with your fellow gringos, be sure to check out Yolisto. Post a free ad, browse around, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Your interface is beautiful, and Craig’s List has already proven the concept, I hope this is very successful for you. It sure seems like something all the local expats would want.

  2. Hi Malcolm and Jillian!
    I LOVE the Yolisto concept! Could I make a couple of (very small) suggestions? I would like to see a WANTED section, so that if people are looking for things, then they can post what they are looking for in case someone else has it, and hadn’t previously thought about selling it. (I went to post a “wanted” ad, and couldn’t find where….unless you already have it and I just didn’t see it).

    Also for towns, Chicxulub, Uaymitun to the east, and Yucalpeten to the west would round out the Progreso area towns.

    Yolisto looks great, though..I WILL be using it!

    Cheers! :-) Louise

  3. You two continue to amaze me – I LOVE it – you are an inspiration to me and Urs. Keep kicking ass!

  4. Your momma didn’t raise no fools…fabulous!!!!!
    Love you.

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