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The Positive Yolisto Vibes Continue

It looks like everyone loves Yolisto. Rivergirl over at HiddenCancun has given us a very nice little writeup comparing Yolisto to the online yard sale she has been waiting for. Go on over and give it a read.

We have spent the last week taking feedback and following suggestions to get the site where it needs to be. These ranged from basic functionality issues that we had missed, like the image uploading not working and the contact form being dead (whoops), to feature enhancements and new categories. Free listings on Yolisto now run for 30 days instead of seven, upgradeable to 90 days for two bucks US. We have expanded the cities covered to a couple of our friends over in Quintana Roo, namely Cancun and Cozumel. We have also added a section under “Community” for pet and animal rescues, to try and put a dent in this stray dog and cat situation.

The writing is on the wall. People have been waiting for Yolisto for a long time. They love Yolisto. YOU love Yolisto. Now, go place your free ad today!

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  1. The CancunCare forum just discovered Yolisto as well. And good job with the Pet Rescue section, we needed it badly! I hope it gets used.

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