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Lo Logramos!

last night

We did it. We live in a beach house. It’s raining. We may be here for a few months. When next we move it will be into a house of our own. This place will feel like home in a week. Malcolm was insightful when he said that moving to Progreso is like moving to Mexico all over again. It’s rustic and rougher and we must be resourceful. There are more stray dogs and no fresh milk.

this morning

I wake up and it is bright, blue and scrubbed. We slept with the windows open under down. We do an errand in town and then drive south to Merida to work in a café. Maybe when the day is done we will swim in the nearest cenote or maybe just go for a beer on the beach. It´s January 16 and sunny here.

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  1. Hooray for you guys successfully entering your next phase of living in Mexico. Much love, Mags

  2. How wonderful that you are getting a taste of the beach life! Soon you will have your own place. We are coming up from the 5-15 of Feb…please email us your cell phone numbers at so that we can get together. We will be activating Mexican cell phones too while we’re there. We’re still loving your blog!
    All the best!
    PS: Please get back to us on Deinah’s email questions…we’re so excited for you!

  3. Que bueno.

    I support your shift South of the Border! Bravo

  4. Have fun and enjoy.

  5. Post pictures. Did you take the portrait of the smoking child?

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