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Progreso Marina at Dusk

Since Jillian got me this awesome folding bike for Christmas, I have started taking evening rides around the neighborhood. This seems like a good way to both explore our new surroundings, as well as combat what seems to be happening to my body as a result of “being nearly 30” and “eating nothing but beans and beer for the last 6 months.” Bicycle exploration is a wonderful thing, I’ve found. It allows you to gawk pretty openly at things, snap a few pictures, but still never really feel committed to a scene or an environment the way you do on foot. So last night, I pedaled over to the local Marina in Progreso.

This is not the Marina surrounded by condominiums and expensive yachts. This is the MARINA, filled almost entirely with rusted out tugboats and local fishing boats. Dusk proved a very interesting time to go there, as the boats have all unloaded for the day, and salt-soaked men are relaxing for the evening. In the dim light, you at first feel entirely alone there…until you realize that there are, in fact, faces everywhere peeking out at you, from the portholes of ships and from the hammocks strung up on deck. The overall combination was mysterious, magical, and a little downright spooky. Here are my attempts to capture this feeling on film…all thumbnails click through to a larger version. Enjoy.

A shrine to fallen fishermen?

El Robot. Obviously.

As it grew too dark for more pictures, I decided to ride down this Dirt Road to Nowhere. The entrance was guarded by stray dogs.

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  1. Looks VERY scary to me!! You hear so many stories about people getting kidnapped in foreign countries. You’re either really brave or….never mind!! Be careful!!

  2. I assure you, we are neither foolish nor stupid, and I have never once felt in danger of being jillsnapped. Although, to be sure, if it were to happen I would totally wear a rad beret and begin to identify with my captors.

  3. Also, the spookiness in these photos is intentional, and due in LARGE part to the time of day and the overcast weather. I imagine this part of town is entirely different on a bright, sunny day, but we can’t post palm trees and sunsets all the time. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Pam.

  4. Beautiful & magical, excellent pics!

  5. I still think you guys are really brave. I would never have the courage to do what you guys did. Too old and set in my ways I guess!!

    Hey….whatever happened to your cat???

  6. Nice pics! You have a good eye.

  7. thank you for the fantastic pictures and comments. You are introducing me to my new home from distane little Rhode Island.

  8. “distant” correction!

  9. Sitting here having an attack of “the giggles” at the thought of someone being afraid of being out in Progreso, alone, on a bike, day OR night. I used to live there and, as far as I know, there has never been anything or anyone to be afraid of in Progreso! I can’t even imagine such a thing… Anyway – nobody ever gets kidnapped in Yucatan… its too hot and kidnapping would take too much energy! 🙂

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