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Visit to Dzibilchaltun

We woke up yesterday with absolutely no agenda or plans. So we thought, hell, we might as well go and check out another example of the last ruins of a thousand-year-old civilization. Now, though Chichen Itza gets all the play, with El Castillo thinkin’ it’s all big, the exploration of the ruins at Dzibilchaltun, located about 15 minutes outside of Merida, is an entirely different experience.

For about six bucks US, you get access to the archaeological site and the very polished, very modern museum of Mayan history, billed as one of the best in the region. But the best part of all…is that there were only about three other groups of people there. No one trying to sell us overpriced masks, no one charging insane prices for bottles of water. A trip to Dzibilchaltun is peaceful, quiet, even spiritual. That is, until Jillian was threatened by a monkey, who didn’t want us walking down his road. Fair enough, monkey, these things happen.

Here are our pictures, all of which click through to larger versions. Enjoy.

House of the Seven Dolls


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  1. Just want to say, yo girl is fly! Be nice to her and stuff.

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