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Uh Oh.

On my way out of the kitchen tonight, I thought to myself, “Chrissake, what a menagerie.” Here’s why:

We have been alternately calling her “Det. Olivia Benson” and “Marishka Hargitay.” Stay tuned to see which one (and if the dog thing in general) sticks.

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  1. About time! I think Olivia…
    Love you, and am SO intrigued by the pics!

  2. You’re done for! Once you start hanging around with dogs you just can’t stop!

    It’s like living with someone who is ALWAYS in a good mood.

    Good luck!

  3. 1 vote for Detective Benson!
    …and possibly re-name Ed to “Ice-T”

  4. Look at you with a DOG!!! That is fantastic. I think she looks great!!

  5. P.S. My vote is for Marishka Hargitay–no one chooses ethnic names anymore. Plus, that name just feels good when you say it.

  6. My suggestions are as follows:
    “Queen Koopa”,
    “Big Fuzzy Jesus”,
    or sell her out completely and name her “Yolisto”

  7. why are you wearing a sandal and a sneaker?

  8. I’m not? I definitely see the OPTICAL ILLUSION though.

  9. URL and Mali want to meet Olivia.

  10. Hi Malcolm and Jillian,

    Great looking girl doggy. Either name would be cool, but if you name her after the chick who plays Olivia Benson, her first name is spelled Mariska.

    Best to you,


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