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The Miracle of Life is Gross

Dr. Jean Gray got herself in trouble. Don’t blame us, Bob, because it likely happened a little more than three weeks ago, which was before she became our dear pet. Having kittens, like jumpstarting a car is one of life’s mysteries that I don’t entirely understand.

Once again, I turned to the internet for guidance. My eyes. What I have seen today, and will reluctantly share with you, is intended for mature viewing audiences only. Do not try this at home.

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  1. I’m sorry, but listening to Icy slurp up the placenta made me want to vomit. That, and watching her do circles while pooping out a kitten.

  2. Wow, that turns my stomach! I was also wierded out by the guy’s accent and the piano music. Truly a horrifying find, Malc.

  3. Sick–how much placenta does one need in a sitting?

  4. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this day. I hope to be miles away, or asleep, when it happens and for the four days afterward. I’ll tell you one thing: I won’t be all pullin’ ’em out of there and experiencing the Miracle of Life. All set.

  5. Don’t worry too much, most kitties can give birth unattended. Good luck with that!!

  6. 1950’s: She’s found herself in a family way?

    2007: Caught a case of the preggers?

  7. I agree the video seemed kind of gross; but you will feel different when it is your cat.

  8. Pretty sure that’s not true.

  9. Absolutely NOT a beautiful thing…and what is up with the musica? PUKE!

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