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Look What I’ve Got

For those of you that don’t know, my Dad moved here to the Yucatan (specifically, Telchac Puerto) last week, about six months after we arrived. We haven’t done a blog entry in a while, because this is so obviously The Big Thing that needs to be written about, but I really have no idea how to write it. It’s complicated, and I can’t seem to organize my thoughts into complete sentences. The best thing may be to take a page from Jillian’s blog entry style, and do it in fragments.

It’s so complicated, it’s so very simple. It’s so new, it’s so familiar. It changes everything, it changes nothing. It’s amazing, it’s terrifying.

Malcolm A., Malcolm S.

Mac, Malcolm.

64, 28.

So far, it’s been wonderful, and I am so happy to have him here. I’ve never lived this close to my dad, and we are having a great time just hanging out in the sun. It’s looked like this:

Taking in the new scenery.

In general, it seems we spend a lot of time showing each other stuff.

First beer in Dad’s new digs in Telchac.

The breeze, gettin’ shot.

Showin’ off my mad $3 BBQ skillz.

Taking in the new scenery.

If you’ve got the time, contrast these with the last photos we took when my dad came to visit. They are so much the same…the interactions, the people, the cast of characters. The setting, however, has gone totally bananas.

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  1. Is Mac there to help you guys fend off pirates? Where’s Penny? Off riding camels somewhere? (BTW that camel saddle is still going strong in my folks’ living room)

  2. You’re so lucky Malcom that your dad is living close by and you get to spend time with him. Both my parents are gone now and there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about them. Enjoy this time with your dad. You’ll cherish it later in life.

  3. Sarah, How you doing kid? Pens coming too soon Love yeah, Mac

  4. Mac,

    Got my truck back from Dealership after 2 weeks. Called to drop off lamb today and found you moved to Yucatan. Its the last leg so I am selling it to my other customer. Lambing season started this week and babies are popping left & right. So dont lose my coantact info so when your back in the FLA Saddle I can stock your freezer. Dont get malaria, stay on the Quinine [Tonic]

    Best regards,

    Thomas C Erbst
    Sopchoppy FL

  5. Hey, love the view from the house. How come you guys don’t have hammocks up on the beachfront porch and grill out there instead of the back alley of the house? What are you from N.Y. or something?

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