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Announcing the Beta Launch of Hallway Wars

If I may take a break from Mexico for a minute, I would like to officially announce the launch of Hallway Wars: The Ultimate High School Battle Royale! We have been developing this online multiplayer browser-based game for a while now. In Hallway Wars, you choose one of four high school cliques to join in a battle for control of the school. Of course, each clique has different strengths and weaknesses. And best of all…the winners of each round get REAL CASH PRIZES. Check it out.

We learned a lot while we were developing this one, and have already started putting together our feature wish list for version 2.0, which we are working on now. In the meantime, please help us bug test by joining, playing the game, and reporting any bugs you find in the Hallway Wars forums. Thanks, and enjoy!

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  1. Congrats, Boogaloo! I know there’s a million just waiting for you…maybe this is it??
    Love you.

  2. Malc–I just registerd, but it’s saying it doesn’t recognize my username and password. Am I trying to log on too soon?

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Awesome! Thanks for playing! After you signed up, you should’ve gotten an email with your username, email address, and activation password. When you log in with that information, you will be prompted to select a new password, and then your account will be activated.

    If none of this happened, send me your username privately and I will investigate.

  4. save the cheerleader…


  6. Well, I can’t argue with you there.

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