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crAsh Wednesday

The party of parties has come to an end. We experienced only one night in Merida, but it was, as promised “Tacos for the Eyes.”

The Festivities in Merida:

In the Yucatan Carnaval is family-friendly

this is the crowd that swallowed our friends

The People’s Procession

Novelty liter of beer. Nothing novel about it.

And Progreso:

Fearful Symmetry

You’re Fancy!

vendors in the zocalo

Elote is corn on the cob with cheese and spices


Lots of cool details in this picture. Be sure to biggify.

Now back to our regularly scheduled food, lights, parades, and happy families

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  1. In hopes of finding your recxipe for white chicken chili, I searched the blog for “chili”. It got 7 hits.

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