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Dr. Jean Grey Queens; Jillian and Malcolm Blissfully Unaware

The cat was acting strangely last night. She all-out assualted the dog, somehow landing up on her back and clawing at her while the dog tried to get away. Then, she became unusually affectionate, which would have been fine had she not been leaving spots of mysterious blood all over the house. I feared spontaneous abortion, put the cat outside, and let her back inside in the middle of the night.

Look what happened this morning while we, by some stroke of amazing good fortune, were asleep:

Only two, it seems, which was good luck, as well. Am I stoked on the amount of blood and uterine fragments there are scattered around the house? Not so much. Are we incredibly delighted to have missed out on the crying, contracting, sack-tearing, umbilical cord chewing, placenta-gobbling, and possible consumption of stillborns? You'd better believe it.

Now what?


Beauties, one and all!! See, it wasn't so bad, I figured she would be o.k. on her own.

All the best!!

You put the cat outside for a couple hours and it came back pregnant and then gave birth in another couple hours??! You saw the movie Gremlins, right? Must've got some water on it. Whatever you do, don't feed them after midnight.

Can I have one?

Awww.....they are adorable!! Congratulations on your new grandkittens!! ha ha

Concatulations! I just read the story of Millie and here you are with another cat and babies!

Thank goodness there was a Dr. in the house.

Congratulations! You guys must have some kind of cat magnetism going on. First, Millie. Now, Dr. Grey. Good luck!

Just came from Millie's blog and, well, congrats! She is a beauty and her kits are just adorable! Looks like one is going to turn out just like it's momma.

Thanks Malcolm, very graphic.

You're welcome, Urs. I do what I can.

Concatulations Malcolm. See, you are friend to kittens everywhere! hehehe The baby kittens are adorable :)

Looks like you were just supposed to be a daddy kitty! Congrats to you and the family.
Oh, you may want to stock up on kitten chow, its good for mom to eat while she nurses the kittens. And she'll eat a lot!

Congradulation Malcolm and Jillian, you're grandfurs are adorable. Um, maybe you are a kitty magnet!

Congrats to a happy and pretty family! Tara

Concatulations on the new babies. They are adorable. Isn't it amazing how well Millie is?

I read your story awhile back when I stumbled on it, when you had Millie. I still read her blog and now she linked back here...so, anyway congrats on the babies! And the miracle of life is totally not gross, well, unless you have to clean it up afterwards...lol

Congratulations Malcolm & Jillian!! They are soooooo cute!! Now you buy lots of kitten chow (like someone said), preferably the one coated with milk or has extra milk (whatever). Malcolm, it could have been worse. She could have had them on your bed! (I know someone that happened to. They had to get all new stuff!)

I just came from Millie's blog. Congratulations on the new kittens. They are adorable.


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