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Look at Us, We’re Selfless!

Last night we attended our first ever charity event as well as our first cabaret.

Oh, we’ve dropped a few pennies in the UNICEF box, and sponsored Amy when she walked for (against) breast cancer, and once I bought some Thin Mints, but starting now, we are fully for fundraisers.

Brazos Abiertos is a wonderful cause, and we were thrilled to learn that the Yucatan is, because of this organization, home to only the fourth clinic and educational program of its kind in Mexico. Plus, there were snacks and drinks.

A performance was given by an Atlanta-based songstress who was sweet and bawdy and fun, natch.

We scooted out a little early to drive through McDonalds in our dress up clothes. Who knew giving could be so grand?

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  1. glad you guys had a good time.

    by the way, the Brazos Abiertos website link you have is the wrong one.

    try this:

  2. That’s great – I am wondering the name of the songstress, is she based out of Cancun? If so, she is a good friend of mine.

    Loving your blog, by the way. Just loving it.

  3. thanks WG, we’re on it.

    Lisa Paige is a cabaret singer from Atlanta. and thanks to you, Joyce.

  4. Shout-out citayyyy!!!! LOVE IT.

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