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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

More Pictures from Cozumel

In order to try and avoid boring the people who read DroppedIn for information about the Yucatan, but aren’t necessarily interested in seeing 50 pictures of our goofy butts hanging out in Cozumel, I have put together a web album of the highlights of our 400 pictures. Check it out if you like us…skip it if you don’t.

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  2. hey hey, you seemed friendly so i thought i would write. Wondering through google trying to get information on progreso and cozumel and came across your blog. My best friend and I are going to cozumel and progreso in october of this year on the ecstacy. was wondering if you could offer advice since i gather you live down there, what the best things to see are for two single 20 something gals, in each if we only have from 9am-5pm in each port. want to make sure we dont miss anything amazing, and still get some lazy beach time in!
    Looks like yall have a blast living down there from what i gather! please email me and give me some tips if ya get the chance and ya dont mind!

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