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idiot in spanish

Welcome to idiot in spanish, a new Droppedin series in which I reveal how the more I say in spanish the less sense I make.

I was chatting (charlando) with Mari last night and as we were saying “see you tomorrow” I told her that I liked her horse.

She was sporting a very fetching, layered haircut and so I shouted with gringa confidence, “me gusta tu caballo!” As soon as the words had left my mouth I knew that my compliment (cumplido) was laughably incorrect.

She is such a nice person that without skipping a beat she smiled and showed me how her bangs were shorter, etc. I sheepishly backed into my little house (casita).

Everyone who took middle school spanish knows that hair is cabello or pelo.

Horse is caballo of course; not to be mistaken with caballa which means mackeral.

Today’s lesson was brought to you by the letter C.

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  1. Don’t feel bad, I have said much worse and much more embarrassing things. I don’t have an American accent when I speak Spanish so when I say weird stuff people just think I’m demented. Though, my favorite mistake was a visitor insisted that I was wrong and her guide book said to introduce yourself as “Me mamo Milly” instead of “Me llamo Milly”. It was a struggle but I convinced her that saying “I suckle Milly” wasn’t gonna get the reaction she wanted.


  2. Yeah, don’t even sweat it. See, I take a more aggressive approach…. Whenever I stutter and say something slightly embarassing, I just remeber all the conversations I’ve had with non-english speakers where I’ve not corrected their embarrasing slip ups. Think of it Jills, you probably have some karma to burn. Plus in the end we all just want to communicate and not quibble over slight pronounciation errors.

  3. And don’t forget CEBOLLA (onion)…
    The other day I went into a tienda and asked Hay focas? (are there any seals) instead of Hay focos? (are there any lightbulbs). We all got a big chuckle out of that one, and another customer suggested that I check El Centenario (the zoo).

  4. LOL

  5. While I don’t have anything witty to say regarding your lovely entries. I must say you are much farther in your Spanish endeavours than I have been. (I was patting myself on the back while in Costa Rica for actually attempting to order my full meal in Spanish, I know so lame.) You and Malcolm’s blog was passed down to me and I just had to say hello. Write to my email if you have a chance to catch up. Courtney

  6. wow, Courtney, hey. I don’t have your address; here’s mine:

  7. Oh my heck that post (and the comments as well) was hilarious!

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