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April is the Hottest Month

Holy crap it’s hot. I cannot think of anything more articulate, descriptive or refined to say becaue my brain has turned to hot mush. If I had an egg I would cook it on the pavement; if I had a hydrant I would open it and stand in its mighty hydro force field like so many urban children; If I had a pool I would be all “Marco!” and you would be all “Polo!”. Alas, we have no egg , alack, we have no pool. We have to work and wear pants and suffer. Poor us, cruel Yucatan!

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  1. It’s freezing cold here in New Jersey. It is difficult to say which I prefer, the heat or the freezing cold…but my guess is the heat. Go jump in the ocean and you will feel better. :-)

  2. Well, you’ve got Friday to look forward to: weatherunderground predicts 107 F

  3. Its cold and rainy in Indiana and we might get snow showers later. I’m so tired of being cold. A little warm weather sounds like heaven to me!! We always want what we don’t have huh? Hang in there.

  4. I feel like I’m in a sauna, but you get used to it.I keep a towel next to my computer to wipe the sweat off my hands so I can type. (Isn’t that gross!). Wait until it rains, it so wonderful! Unless it’s just a 5 or 10 minute rain, then it get even more humid and hot. It’s only just started.

  5. Well summer is officially over here in the southern hemisphere. It’s been “cold” (17 C), windy and rainy the past few days and no NZ homes have heat, we just got one space heater, but I expect to be getting more real soon!

  6. Staying really really still is the answer. Anything you have to do during the day will surely wait until evening. And don’t even try for all ends up on your chin…

  7. Come on up to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The weather is always perfect!

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