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Telecommunicating When You’ve Dropped In.

SkypeSkype Skype Skype. I’ve drug my heels long enough, thus far much more interested in the Swedish mavericks who started the company than the technology itself. The magicians who changed the world of file sharing with Kazaa, then turned telephony on its ear with Skype, and now will be revolutionizing television with Joost. I just never really had much interest in the application itself, until I used it.

Full-screen, smooth video (which allegedly works even on dialup). Free calls from anywhere to anywhere, no headset required (though you may have to adjust your speaker/microphone levels carefully to avoid feedback). Just this morning, I completed my first ever call from here in Progreso to my dad in Telchac Puerto, and it worked like a dream. And using SkypeOut, I can make dirt cheap calls to the States (though my Vonage line is already handling that job admirably).

Like any truly great software product, it just works. So I thought, hey, why not try and pump it to my friends, family, and readers, in an effort to communicate better and more clearly? You’ve already heard all about it. Why not try giving Skype a download, and giving me a call? My Skype name is: (don’t forget the dot). Look forward to talking to you!

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  1. We have a cordless phone and regular phone hooked into our computer for calling with skype -it’s so great.

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