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!Lunes Sabroso! Presents: Microwaveable Chicharrones

It’s been a long time since the last Lunes Sabroso, so we had to re-introduce the feature with a bang…or in this case, a pop. Microwaveable chicharrones de cerdo (pork rinds, essentially) are as commonly available as microwave popcorn, here…but for some reason, I still haven’t felt compelled to put the bag in the microwave. So this week, we are letting my dad, Mac, do the eating and guest-author this edition, from his isolation booth in Telchac Puerto.

My first Captain’s job was taking care of a doctor’s sailboat in “pre-Cabo” La Paz, Mexico, for six months while he was back in the states. It was there I discovered newly-minted chicharrones at a local pig butchery. There was a huge, cast iron pot over a open fire filled with rendered pork fat and newly harvested pig skins…chicharrones.

I have spent the last forty years looking all over the world for a way to reproduce that taste sensation. I have left a Hansel and Gretel virtual trail of unfinished bags of imitation chicharrones in my wake. The so-called “pork rinds” you find in the States just can’t compare.

Now, back living in Mexico again, I have found another thing Mexico does better than anyone: Microwaveable chicharrones. Yes, they come in a bag much like microwave popcorn, and yes, the bag swells up as they cook (no popping sounds, though). When they are done, you have a bowl of the closest thing to the original La Paz chicharrones I’ve found anywhere in the world. They crackle and sizzle and taste great! Just be sure to have a cold beer standing by! -Mac

Thanks for the wrapup, Dad…it’s good to have a new voice (not to mention a new lab rat for tastings). Re-reading your review has ALMOST prompted me to pop this bag in the microwave…but I’m not sure I’m there yet.

In the meantime, readers, relive !Lunes Sabroso! past with our reviews of Rojitos, Bigotes!, BOMBA Yellow Energy, Bubu Lubu, and SPONCH! See you next time!

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  1. I’m still not eating popped pig fat, no matter how you cook it!
    Love and kisses!

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