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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

The Last Pirate in the Western World

Mac went back to the States today and with him a piece of our hearts. Travel well and come back soon.

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  1. This was awesome. Also: Are we the only two people reading our blog anymore?

  2. I read it nearly every day, I just don’t comment!

  3. Of course not! We’re just not as witty as you two, at least I’m speaking for myself…so rather than sound old and boring, I just enjoy reading.
    How’s the shopping for renovations and furniture going? Fun? Complicated?
    Have you ever seen Santa Clara? We’re thinking of buying a house there but never made it that far last time we were on the Coast…Continue writing and do no fear, your audience is still faithful!

  4. I check in every day. You two are great! Can’t wait to see the house pic’s when you are done. What ever happen to mama cat and the babies? bcat

  5. I’ve got him safe and sound in my arms! Wonderful! See you both very soon.
    Love you, and all is well.

  6. You have blog groupies that rarely comment…mea culpa. Just soaking up all the vicarious experience. Am considering a trip to Merida to seek some affordable dental care. Thanks for sharing what you have learned.

  7. Did you just need some ego stroking?

  8. Ha!Ha! Good one Lauren! I thought the same thing but since I’m not a personal friend of our adventurers in the Yucatan I would never dare say such a thing! But they do deserve a little bit of flattering, they work so hard after all!

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