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More Progress in Chelem

I took a quick trip out to the Chelem house, and boy, was I glad I did. I was told over and over not to worry about the rate of progress, and, being an excitable American, had been ignoring that advice. The last two days, however, have seen enough progress to truly astonish me. The workmen have hung hammocks in the existing bedroom, and are working late into the night under hanging bare light bulbs. Suffice it to say, I have had an enormous excited grin on my face all afternoon, watching what were only vague, half-formed ideas come to life, and proven fantastic. Will we have it ready by June 12th? That still remains to be seen, but I am pleased as punch with what’s happened this week.

If I haven’t oversold it already, I won’t, as I think the video I shot this afternoon does a fine job telling the story all on its own. For full Dropped In bonus points, find all of the following new features of the house: The well which provides my own personal unlimited supply of sweet agua dulce, the associated casita for the well pump, the foundation for the new kitchen, the lack of old weird countertop, M. Kelly, and two very, very large holes. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow! That looks so cool! I bet I’d like playing in all that sand, running around on the beach and sleeping in the sun.

    What’s your woofie’s name?

  2. You’ve made me cry for Mother’s Day! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you…you did it!

  3. WOW, amazing, beautiful, so cool – you guys are my idols right now!!! I love yous.

  4. Awesome! I never doubted you would get the place of your dreams!

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