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A Laugh at Our Expense

The name of the company that bought the house on the beach is called Manana Management. Rhymes with banana …fanagement. We chose this name because we thought it was cute, alliterative and indicated our, you know laid back attitude in our new throw-your -cell-phone-into-the-ocean lifetsyle. Malcolm sent an email with this suggestion to the lawyer and days later in his office with all the documents in the works we heard with horrified ears him pronounce us the proud owners of the Manana (rhymes wth banana) Management corporation.

I know that the ene (that’s pronounced kind of enyea and written with a tilde, dammit) is an important component of the Latin alphabet. It’s a letter unto itself distinct from N and almost as arrogant as the ll in its special status. We know this but somehow thought that our clever intention would be clear. Because we couldn’t find the ene we are forced to live with the silly and meaningless and sort of embarrassing Manana (banana). When the intern from Mauricio’s office asked me what the significance of the name was (her English is pristine) I sheepishly lied and said it was a place in California.

Really, it doesn’t matter. The name of the company is merely a formality. But names are so important to me and I am so excellent at choosing them (well I am, Ed). I actually didn’t come up with this one but I did endorse it. It made with feel all, “there’s booze in the blender, and soon it will render…”. And now, not so much. It is a good reminder to be humble, that we are foreigners with a very limited understanding of the language, that we cannot play games with words until we have mastered the basics. Say it to yourself once outloud, quietly if you’re at work. It has a ring. Hasta Manana!

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  1. So, I totally thought it was a “Friends” homage to the episode when Monica’s identity was stolen and then she befriended the thief and told her, her name was “Monana”

  2. ha! It’s Dutch.

  3. We also worked through Mauricio to form our corporation. We named it BandT for our first names. When the papers came back from the government we were Brandt Corp!

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