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Please Don’t Talk To Us About Heroes

Perhaps you’ve heard, we live in friggin Mexico. And while Malcolm is highly skilled and even wily when it comes to pirating old favorites (so long you sassy Gilmore Girls) and the shows that everyone is blogger coolering over (don’t hate, I just totally made that up) it isn’t always easy to keep up.

We just finished the latest cycles of America’s Next Top Model and Survivor (stop judging) and are three episodes behind on Heroes. I don’t know what happened to The Sarah Silvermn show and I don’t feel like I care. We also lost track of How I Met Your Mother which is more disapointing.

Of course we love Heroes. We have eyes and flesh and nerve endings. There’s even a touch of Stars Hollow in beloved maverick Milo Ventimiglia. The gentle murmur of “save the cheerleader, save the world” can be heard all the way in the Yucatan peninsula (thanks Universal Channel).

I’m just saying don’t be a spoiler. We have learned to avert our eyes when reading reviews and gossip sites and since we don’t have colleagues or friends other than each other there is almost no danger of our finding out if New York does or does not explode and what other awesome shit Mika is capable of.

Sh; just sh for today. Our download finishes in two days, we’ll watch the series finale with baited breath, and then we’ll talk. Okay?

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  1. RIGHT ON, Sister! We struggle with the same thing in NZ, they stopped the season halfway thru for a “break” and we’ve been downloading as well from the US, man it’s killer! I have not loved TV this much since “My So Called Life”.

  2. It’s a sled! And she’s actually a man! And he’s dead! And Kint made it all up!

  3. I was actually a little bit (just a little bit) disappointed in the final episode. IMHO the ep where Hiro and Ando went ahead 5 years was MUCH better!!!

  4. okay, we’re all caught up and now we can have a chatsy. I agree, Bruce, the finale left some small unquantifiable thing to be desired. But I am still entirely at their will. Now I am desperate to know more about Mrs. Petrelli and her evil face. And who is mor frightening-according to Molly-than Syler. Also, I LOVE Hiro learning to be a samurai in the past. And, dear Dr. Suresh, if not for Malcolm…

  5. try Watch all the tv shows you want, no downloading 😉

  6. Need TV? Here’s my favorite link:

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