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parched and filthy thursday

There isn’t any running water in Yucalpeten, Progreso today and no one else seems to mind. I see people jogging past the house – surely working up a sweat – and I wonder how they plan to warsh themselves at the end of their afternoon workout. I am consoling my dirty self and lamenting my chubability by eating Doritos right out the bag and watching episode after episode of My So-Called Life.

We confirmed with neighbors and Jaime at the mini super, yup, no hay agua hoy, resigned shrug, normal. And I called the potable water company but no one answered. I don’t know that you can pay to have water delivered to your home tinaca but I thought it was worth an ask. Earlier we carried empty jugs across the street to the ocean and filled them with seawater. Now we have seaweed in our toilet bowl.


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  1. Seems like there’s internet, though…. I think I can work from Mexico… 🙂

  2. woke up to running water, feeling civilized and sane again. It was just one of those days in Mexico…

  3. Now we have seaweed in our toilet bowl.

    A whole new slant to the endless should we flush the paper question. So, did you flush it?

  4. Why are you pooping seaweed?

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