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You Can’t Go Home But You Can Drop Out

I have been in Mexico every day since December 17th. Oh, except those two spectacular days we spent on a bus in Belize. Six months without respite. It’s hot, getting hotter, downright tropical you might say. Every day you have to speak in Spanish and know that you are not communicating as gracefully and effectively as you do in English. And things are getting very tense and complicated with our remodeling project. There is more tile to buy and plumbers to pay and appliances that should have been delivered already. Car trouble doesn’t help, neither does having your computer swiped. Sometimes living abroad is a hot mess. And you just want out. I want to be in New England where things make sense.

In two weeks I will be. I leave for an almost monthlong vacation in Connecticut with my friends and family. I am going to go to the beach and to museums and restaurants I love and drive along familiar roads through woods. We’re building a life here, poco a poco and I know that I will be lonely for it. Malcolm won’t join me until the end of July and of course it will be weird to not be with him every waking hour. I think we’re starting to look sort of similar so a break may be good. I will miss Olivia and palm trees and being in our new house. The Sound is not the Gulf and this is where my my heart is. I know that I will return refreshed and ready for the continuing challenges and joys of dropping in.

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  1. Yay!! I can’t wait fo youre return to CT! Woo hoo–Rib House, here we come!

  2. eating ribs is against my religion.

  3. All right, the Melange it is.

  4. Save a trip to the Melange for me! I’ll be in America for at LEAST 48 hours.

  5. I look forward to your observations on the US after being away for so long!

    Have fun.

  6. Malcolm, I would NEVER Melange without you.

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