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10 Things You Can Do to Be Happier Right This Minute

  1. Sing to your dog
  2. Stop commuting
  3. Drink Purity Organic lemonade
  4. Watch a film by Quentin Tarrantino/Robert Rodriguez
  5. Watch a film with Ethan Hawk/Julie Delpy
  6. Sing along to You Know I’m No Good
  7. Read Vanessa’s blog
  8. Dance along to Rehab
  9. Eat Dominos pizza
  10. Don’t feel guilty
  11. Watch the Hopper slideshow

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  1. Julie Delpy and Dominoes pizza are disgusting.

  2. I mean: “Domino’s”

  3. I agree that Julie Delpy looks like a smelly cave rat. Domino’s, on the other hand, is only disgusting until you’ve had the alternative.

  4. Julie Delpy looks like a Boticelli painting. She is perfection.

  5. In New Haven Domino’s is blasphemy, in Yucatan it is salvation. That you can print.

  6. I’m with you on dancing along to Rehab. The whole album is amazing but that cut is the best!

    I’d say no to Dominoes, too. If that’s all Progresso has, maybe there’s a business opportunity for you???

    A new restaurant just opened in Mazatlan – Mona’s – they make absolutely amazing wood oven pizza. Nice thin crust not piled with too much stuff. Yum.

  7. I love Melange as a verb.

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