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The Tide is High But We’re Holding On

Allow us to fill you in on our progress toward a life more awesome.

The kitchen floor is tiled as are the counters. We had originally wanted to do polished concrete countertops such as we’d seen the in the gorgeous restored Colonials in Merida Centro. There was some confusion regarding the materials and labor which requires a very skilled craftsman, according to Marelo; we were given a quote much higher than what was anticipated. What we determined was that context is important in design (duh). What works in the city is not necesarily appropriate for the beach due to both environmental factors and function. For these reasons we allowed ourselves to be talked into tile for the long counter space. We selected a neutral color and it is going to look quite fine with our appliances and the white walls. The appliances are still in a warehouse somewhere in Mexico but should be on the truck Tuesday. Our 90 year old door maker has hung the three ornate cedar doors and the electrician fitted the ceiling fans. The plumber has not yet been out to put in a hot water heater and we need ot have one more small window made plus protecatadores for the kitchen. The work must be finished, the house cleaned and painted before we can move in. We had hoped to leave Progreso yesterday. But since it’s some kind of universal rule that construction never ends on time and everything goes over budget we’re trying to remain calm. Actually, we did pretty well with the money we had to spend and I think everything is going to look great. What a transformation. We still need to set up internet service and get some essential furniture in there. Photos this weekend. Man, are you guys going to be amazed.

We concluded that it is best to stay here in reltive comfort until I leave for the States in a little over a week. While I’m away try and check on Malcolm periodically, who will be sleeping in a hammock and bathing in the ocean.

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  1. I haven’t worn shoes in 6 days.

  2. There’s no better way to be.

  3. I want photos!!

  4. We have tiled counters in our kitchen and I love ’em! Nothing like being able to put a hot pan directly off the stove onto the counter. Also I think tile holds up better than the painted and polished concrete. I loved the photos, you guys are coming along quickly!

  5. I have been here a month now and has been fun getting away from the bump and grind in vancouver. Fixed things up here and looking forward to the day when I can move here permanently! Realy enjoy the new people I have met,and seeing my wife Mary after about 5 months. Congrats malcom and jillian.

  6. would you share your info on the 90 year old cedar door maker? does he do windows too?
    we have a major fixer upper to do in san crisanto, so are looking for trades people…

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