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Getting Closer Still

We are creeping slowly toward completion of phase one of our house reconstruction in Chelem. Unfortunately, It doesn’t look like Jillian is going to get to move in before she returns to the States for vacation, but that will probably be for the best. The first few weeks of living there will probably be pretty rough, and this way, when Jillian returns, she can move into a truly complete home. Turns out she’s a stickler for things like “having a bed” and “hot water,” but fortunately, they have those things in Connecticut (if I recall correctly). So while she’s gone, eating Thai food and watching TV, I’ll be here slaving and painting away until I join her there at the end of July for the US portion of our wedding celebrations.

In the meantime, the heavy lifting is almost done in Chelem, and we are making our final payments today to the electrician, the plumber, etc. We thought you might like to see where things are right this second. I apologize for the web album, but I am feeling particularly burnt out lately. Check out the new progress here, and when the construction is totally wrapped next week, I will post side by side before and after comparisons.

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  1. Wow, you guys! I am amazed at your progress and ALSO by how wonderful it must be to have the water so near. You will sleep like babies there, I predict!

    I can’t wait to see it when everything is complete.

  2. Great job so far! Must be very exciting. Best of luck with the completion of your project, I’m sure it will be great :)

  3. Wow, very nice…we just got our household goods shipped..thank you employer…but now realize that we have more boxes labelled kitchen, than can even possibly ever fit there..totally mexican house and we are determined do it yourselfers (dummies)…so are living with a shower that just dribbles barely enough water to get your hair wet, well and blah blah…..on it goes..but your place is looking good. Not sure if we’ll break down and get some “help” this point waiting on a few financial isues to clear up inthe staes…so for now it’s pretty rough…sand, heat, and the everpresent jello brains as the thermometer rises…still doing climate adjustments at this point! Congrats, looks good!

  4. Just came across your website…I bought a beach home in Chelem about 8 mths ago and have done quite a bit of work on it…I’m in the USA at work unfortunately, but my daughter and son-in-law live there and work in Merida. There are a lot of photos on my Webshots page: Check it out if you get a chance.

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