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Liverpool Will Deliver Your Appliances in 28 Days

Liverpool is a pretty great, outrageously overpriced department store in the grand old style of Bullocks or Macy’s circa 1980. It is a great place to go when you just need a bit of a mini break from Mexico, to surround yourself in import foods, peculiar furniture, shiny, shiny electronics, and wealthy Mexicans. It is also the only place I have found to get a bottle of Belgian beer.

We bought all of our appliances from Liverpool, an announcement that elicited plenty of laughs from our crew of workmen. What kind of crazy American would make such major purchases at such a notoriously overpriced place? Because, one hopes, that paying premium prices would guarantee premium service. In Liverpool’s case, not so much.

We purchased a new refrigerator and stove for our house in Chelem on June 1st, paying by check. We were told, at the time, that the check would take 7 days to clear, and then be delivered that week on a Monday (since Liverpool only makes runs to Chelem on Mondays), at a cost of 100 pesos extra. All perfectly reasonable, we thought.

The promised date came and went, and we called every couple of days all through June to try and figure out just where our appliances were. First, they were in the warehouse. Then, they had the fridge but not the stove. Just this last Monday, the 25th, in the middle of moving, I even saw a Liverpool truck and asked the driver if they had a delivery for me. Nope, nope, and nope.

So I did what anyone would do…I handed the whole problem off to my muchacho. I don’t speak enough Spanish to express emotion properly, so I told Marcello to be sure and let them know I was angry. He called yesterday morning, told them that he worked for me, and he wanted the appliances delivered that day (Friday). They explained that they only make trips to Chelem on Mondays. Marcello responded that, instead, if the appliances weren’t at my house in two hours, he was going to call the police (!!!). Sure enough, not two hours later, there they were, shiny, spiffy, and brand new. Today, the gas lines and water lines get run to the new machines, which means I could possibly be eating chili by tomorrow.

The moral of the story? It’s not that you should avoid Liverpool. They have some lovely things, really. Just make sure you have a native Spanish-speaker onhand to threaten them with police action when they give you the runaround.

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  1. We bought our bed at Liverpool. When we bought it, we asked if we could delay delivery, it was on sale but our house (surprise,surprise, surprise) wasn’t ready yet. The salesman said, no problema, you have 30 days to accept delivery. Well, not so, they didn’t have the bed in stock and would have it in stock sometime within 30 days. Anyway, to make a long rambling story short. They delivered the bed early, we had to wrap it in plastic to keep it from becoming encrusted in polvo (cement dust). So just speaking Spanish doesn’t do, knowing what to say to whom is what makes your muchaco so valuable!


  2. We bought some patio furniture from Liverpool a couple of years back and were more than satisfied with the transaction and the delivery process. Maybe what we experienced was an aboration. I really do not anything to compare the experience with because everything else we bought for the house I brought home myself in my van. I will agree with your statement about the import beers…Good selection…….

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