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Battening Down the Hatches

Just a quick update, because hurricane Dean is bearing down on us, and looks to be a cat 5 by the time it hits us here in the Yucatan. We are frantically boarding things up, and then are headed for higher ground tomorrow, inland in Merida. I will post an update (and hopefully some photos) tomorrow afternoon, but until then, wish us good luck, and we will post as often as we can.

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  1. Glad to know you are evacuating to Merida. Hope Tripod is able to go with you to the safer space. Looking forward to your post-storm posts and in the meantime sending positive thoughts that you and yours will be spared any serious harm. Mexico seems to do a much better job of dealing with hurricanes than the US.

  2. Our fingers are crossed. Stay safe!

  3. Will be thinking of you guys. Take care of each other.

  4. Hold fast in Inland.

  5. On the bright side: Maybe this will wash away all the spiders?

  6. I’m going to go ahead and vote no on this whole hurricane thing.

    Punch Mother Nature in the ovaries. Right in the baby maker.

  7. good luck guys, stay safe!!

  8. Millie and the rest of the cat blogosphere will be praying for you!! BTW, does the story of Tripod sound vaguely familiar…LOL…like Millie!!

  9. Looks like us Texans dodged this one. Sorry to hear it is headed your way. You all get to really high ground, okay.
    KC, my reepurrter kitten, has posted this on both the Cat Blogosphere and on the Pet Prayer & Praise Blog. You’ll have lots of purrs and purr-rayers.
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  10. Purrs and Prayers headed your way! Tell Tripod hi for us too.
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree, Pepi and Robyn

  11. smart to leave and go to Merida!! nothing much going on here yet, and we probably wont get the brunt of it.

    if you need anything, give us a call at home or on our cell. we still have email too (so far)

  12. Purrrrrrrrrs and purrrayers to everyone. We live in FL and understand exactly what you are going through. Be safe. Tripod sounds like a wonderful woofie.

  13. Purrs and prayers and good thoughts coming from more of your cat friends. Stay safe!

    Finny & Buddy
    The 2 Carolina Cats

  14. We came over from the Cat Blogosphere. Everyone in line of this storm are in our thoughts and prayers. In Iowa, we are feeling the affects of 7″ of rain in one day. Not good.

    and Conner Cloud
    (The Cyclone Cats)

  15. Be safe you two!

  16. It’z a good idear to get owt of the way ov a hurry-cane. Last week we had hurry-cane Flossie come close but it missed us and we only had a lot of wind and not as much rain as they thot. Hope the same fing happens to yoo.

    Pumpkin, Tiger, Bebe, Blackie in Hawaii

  17. Mrs. Jingles, Fluffy, Jazzy, Sam Sam, Delilah, Charlie, Sawyer, Kitty, and Mr. Scruffles are PURRRRRRRAYING for you. We hope you have enough litter to last through the storm. Pussy’s don’t like dirty boxes! Dean looks as though it missed you…MeeeeeOW what a relief! Huwwican Deany weany deserves a kitty treat for that! I’m clapping for it right now. MEOW! now my paws hurts. Ok time to go back to crocheting. Purrs and lap naps are in your future!

  18. Came over from the cat blogosphere. Hope you are weathering the storm and things aren’t too much of a mess when you get back. Does Tripod have shelter of some kind???

  19. Came over from the cat blogosphere. Hope you are weathering the storm and things aren’t too much of a mess when you get back. Does Tripod have shelter of some kind???

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