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We’re Alive, Y’all.

Welp, we made it through. Hurricane Dean turned out to be The Hurricane That Wasn’t, at least here in the northern end of the Yucatan. We boarded up the house and evacuated to the warm comfort of the Fiesta Americana late yesterday afternoon to drink vodka and wait the whole thing out. Of course, due to the State of Emergency that had been declared, liquor was not being sold anywhere, so my dreams of sitting at the bar with my compatriots, eating peanuts and watching the wind blow chunks of roof around, turned into my drinking smuggled vodka, emptying the minibar, and watching Mindfreak reruns.

The weirdest thing? Watching CNN footage on the hotel satellite, of reporters dispatched to Cancun and Chetumal, and thinking about how this “foreign” footage was, actually, just our home…or at the very least, a town we had visited.

All in all, it turned into a bit of a non-event for our area. Though Dean strengthened to a Category 5 monster before making landfall near Chetumal, it had steered South just enough to spare us any major damage. We returned home today to find that, though even our doormat was still in our yard, we had no electricity. A transformer exploded right outside our house and was laying in the street, broken wires still attached. It’s hard to know if CFE knows about it, or how long it will take to fix, but all told, we are happy that there was no damage to the house or our fragile selves. Thanks to all that offered their best wishes, prayers, and good old-fashioned friendliness.

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  1. MeeeeOW! I am PURRRRTY happy to hear the news.

  2. Glad to hear that y’all are OK. We were just in Playa a month ago. Thought about you guys then too!

  3. Woo hoo!

    Glad to hear it! We’ve been thinking about you all day.

  4. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear all is more or less well. Have you seen Tripod yet?

  5. Thank God you guys are all right!! What a scary thing to have happen.

  6. more importantly did the giant spiders survive?

  7. This is good news!

  8. This is good news!

  9. We hopes the giant spider is still around, we would like the chance to eat it…or at least mangle it alot!

    Also, where is the woofer? Hope the three legged mades it ok!


  10. We got water and power back late this afternoon; hope you guys aren’t too far behind. Taking a shower today was the most pleasant thing I’ve done in months. Especially as the sea is so full of debris and so angry it isn’t something to bathe in.

  11. Did tripod make it through the storm? Glad to hear youz guyz are A-OK!

  12. What about TRIPOD??????????

  13. What about TRIPOD??????????

  14. What about TRIPOD??????????

  15. Tripod is fine…got through the storm just fine on three legs. 🙂

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