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Too Long in Exile

Quite a bit has changed since last we spoke. I’ve been to America, gotten married, moved into a house on the ocean, skirted natural disaster and learned to like a lame dog. Man, I’m different. I’m surprised but there it is. It has been exhilarating and terrifying and not entirely painless.

Don’t worry because a lot hasn’t changed. I’m stick kick ass, I still love Malcolm and I still think living in Mexico is hilarious. So, sorry if I absented myself for an extended period, I just needed to work out a few things. I’d say we can pick up where we left off but that may not be possible. I’m bona fide, after all.

We’ll just take it from here. poco a poco…

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  1. one question.

    con quién te casaste?

  2. Congratulations and welcome back Jillian. I look forward to your posts with their intelligent but somehow twisted viewpoint on things.

  3. Gotten married? Have you guys already tied the knot? I know another couple that got married about a year ago and just had their ceremony a few weeks back. Is this the new thing? I wanna get married in Vegas!

  4. yes, tell us, where exactly DID you get married anyway? and are we still supposed to keep that date in October open?

  5. Everyone is very confused…did you marry a bean or the lame dog? 😉 Just kiddings, we isn’t that confused


  6. We’re missing our fix of “the Malcolm and Jillian Show.”

    We hope you return to regular scheduled programming soon.


  7. Hey all,

    We are having MAJOR blog problems right now, but we’re working on it. Please stand by…

  8. Hi Jillian and Malcolm!
    OK, I was just catching up on my Dropped In and…you got married???!!! Congratulations…or are you just kidding? Please update us!

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