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I am my own pharmacologist

Don’t get uptight. Just because you get your drugs from a “doctor” who’s been to “medical school” doesn’t mean you get to judge me. I am totally qualified to self-diagnose and prescribe. I know how to use the internet and my cousin Amy is a nursing student. Don’t forget I did spend almost one year as assistant editor of the publication Essential Psychopharmacology . Yeah. Eat it, physicians.

Why shouldn’t we be able to buy our own medication without the interference of doctors? Last week for example, I had a sinus infection. I know this because I have had 44,000 sinus infections in my life and I know the symptoms. Malcolm went to the farmacia and bought a box of antibiotics for like $116 pesos; I administered the meds according to the directions and now am completely well.

Inspired by my own expertise I am now applying my skills to the management of my mental health and keeping my uterus fetus free. I am monitoring my overall health/sense of well being. I do thorough research and understand the risks. I’m a reasonably intelligent grown up. Anyway, it’s not like you can get anything really recreational without a prescription. You know your body. Damn the man. Information is power. etc.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have a brilliant friend who has struggled with bi-polar disorder for years and years.

    One day he informed that he had finally convinced his doctor that he knows how much medication is right to keep in out of trouble.

    Likewise, we should be at liberty to self-medicate using now illegal psychotropic drugs.

    Very nice work on your blog.


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