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We’re Back on Track

Apologies for the absence. DroppedIn had been getting slower and slower over the last few months, ultimately refusing to publish AT ALL, and we just couldn’t figure out why. Now, thanks to the fine folks in Movable Type tech support, we’ve found the culprit: the 10,000+ comments that had already been filtered as Junk were gumming up the works.

This morning, we went through and deleted them all, and changed the way these comments get handled…so we should be firmly back in the saddle now, with the blog performing better than ever. There’s a lot to report, and you may notice a few older entries pop up and have their comments updated, so be sure to have a poke around. (Thanks Nancy!)

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  1. 10,000 junk comments???? I can’t even imagine it.

    Glad you’re back…see you on the flip side.

  2. Glad you’re back! I’ve been worried about you. Thought you were sulking because you couldn’t get alcohol during the hurricane watch party!

  3. ooooh, blogs and filters cans be such a problem!!

    Ps. we is adding this to all our comments todays……
    Did you see our little brother’s pic on Daily Kitten? We is SOOO proud!!!

  4. Glad you are back.

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