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What Are We Doing This Week?

October is shaping up to be as scarily hectic as September was. Though we sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day and don’t get to fully enjoy living in Mexico, we try to remind ourselves that really, we are getting better set up and accomplishing more than we ever could have in the States. What’s on tap for this week?

  1. Picking up Jeep from repair shop in Merida, whose latest fault has been the transmission. Repairing muffler.
  2. Gluing side mirror back onto rental car that I accidentally smashed off on my front gate. Returning rental car.
  3. Meeting with wedding coordinator to write some checks and organize tasting for new reception venue.
  4. Shopping in Merida with architect to pick out new tile, bathroom fixtures, toilets, and sinks. (Did we mention that we decided to tear out our old bathrooms and build new ones just three weeks before the wedding?) Staying at my paren’ts because we have no water. Checking on progress daily. Feeding dogs.
  5. Signing lease on new office space in Progreso, and paying deposit. Installing new glass facade windows and door. Buying office furniture. Establishing TelMex contract.
  6. Preparing for arrival of guests and wedding festivities in just two weeks. We have a list with 20 tasks…we are trying to nail out one per day.

It’s been fun, but I swear this: I will never do all of these things at once, ever again.

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  1. Yeah–wedding in 2 weeks! I’m getting really excited. Just firmed up plans with DLC today re: Casa Santana. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. Yeah- having a wedding really takes up a lot of time, but you have to do it once the way you want it. After that you can talk all about how you should have eloped… at least that’s how I did it! Hope you post some pics of the festivities!

  3. so excited!!

  4. You say that now…but in the end you’ll remember this hecticness with some fondness. And alot of relief, once its over. 😉

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