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Celebrating Two Years of Dropping In

Somewhere in the middle of all this wedding hullabaloo, Dropped In quietly turned two years old. Like we did last year at about this time, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on where the blog has come, and what’s next for Malcolm and Jillian.

When we started, I had just come off a five year stint in NYC, and was reuniting with Jillian in our apartment in New Haven after a year spent commuting to each other’s houses on weekends. Jillian was teaching as a substitute in the Hamden public school system, and I was working by myself from our apartment. We started the blog purely out of vain self-indulgence, not really sure where it was going to end up. Okay, maybe it hasn’t evolved much beyond that. But we hope that in the middle of our echo-chamber mumblings, we have given some people at least a tiny amount of guidance or entertainment. Mexico is an incredible place to live, and we hope we have inspired some people to make the leap.

The future of Dropped In is somewhat uncertain. As life here becomes normal, it is harder to write with freshness and energy about the things we are experiencing every day. In a way, having an audience has become kind of intimidating. It’s harder to write when people are actually listening, we know the people behind some of the products or services that we might otherwise slag off, and our commitment to daily updates has definitely not been followed through on. Right now, we are kind of torn. Either we spend a significant amount of time switching the blog over to some new software, doing a redesign, and pushing on with somewhat irregular, personal-flavor updates, or we start over. We are currently working on a new project (which we will make an announcement about soon), which would offer us the opportunity to comment on life here in a more “official” way, and provide some real guidance and how-tos for living here. Frankly, I’m not sure which way we want to go. Rest assured, though, either way, we will continue writing on the Internet forever.

But enough of that. This entry is about celebrating. Here are a few fast facts about Dropped In as we turn two years old:

Our Favorite Entries from Year Two:

And if that’s not enough, here’s some fast facts about the blog after two years:

  • Number of Unique Readers per Day: 800-900
  • Unique Readers per Month: 30,000+
  • Top Search Terms from this Month, Proving the Internet is Stupid:
    1. gene simmons pumpkin stencil
    2. jillian raucci
    3. cruisin cooler
    4. michelle+pfieffer
    5. washing+feet
    6. bill+cosby
    7. dropped in
    8. altares+mayas+(hanal+pixal)
    9. video+game+tattoos
    10. gastronomique new haven
  • Google Pagerank: 3 (We lost a point!)
  • Alexa Rank: 1,09,624
  • Total Incoming Unique Links: 5,851
  • Number of entries written: 505
  • Number of comments received: 1,381

Once again, a big thanks for your support. Keep reading, and we’ll keep writing. Let’s see what happens in year three.

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