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What I’ve Learned Today with Sources

1. You should not drive a Jeep over barbed wire, even when pressed.
2. Scallop looking clouds mean a change in the weather.
3. when making turkey gravy, Step 3: Spoon off the fat from atop the pan juices.
4. Chinese ships guided by rudimentary compasses reach India in 101 B.C
5. Malcolm likes to ring the doorbell
6. There are others who work to avoid the Progreso clown
7. You can definitely shear an alpaca
8. The afore-mentioned clouds are called either Altocumulus or Cirrocumulus
9. “Andale!” means about 5 different things
10. I’ve always wanted to write “After the jump”/not sure what it means to “Jump the shark”/not sure an ellipses is appropriate after the word “jump”/I love to write ellipses/I cannot spell ellipses/

Sources after the jump…

1. personal experience
2. malcolm drops science
3. Food Recipe courtesy of Giadda De Laurentiis
4. world timeline (rocks)
5. empirical evidence
6. Merida Insider
7. The Alpaca Blogger, found while searching for “Louit mayonnaise”
8. Google “Clouds and Weather”; the fourth page
9. Spanish word of the day Nov 17
10. desperation for a 10th item/I amuse myself unduly

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  1. “Jumping the shark” refers to the episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps a shark while on water skis. It’s completely ridiculous and heralded that the show needed to be ending very very soon. It has come to be used for any ridiculous moment where someone really must just stop, now!

  2. Congrats on the wedding! I loved all the pictures. I started reading your blog back when Malcolm picked up Millie the cat.

    About the “Jumping the Shark”. I knew it was in reference to Happy Days but most recently heard it in a Seinfeld Recap show. They said their “Jumping the Shark” episode was when George pretended to be a marine biologist and saved the whale from the Titleist Golf Ball that Kramer hit into the ocean! That’s when I found out what “Jumping the Shark” meant….thanks for the memory! Thanks for saving Millie! And thanks for sharing your life. Great house! Congrats again!

    Joni K
    Milwaukee, WI

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